Who are =uSo= Bearded Bros?

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Who are =uSo= Bearded Bros?

Established in 2007, the clan Unified Soldiers Order has been around for going on 10 years now. At their peak they had 8 active eSports teams and over 100 registered players, with 2 of the teams being based internationally. A change of community direction saw them close their doors, and merge most of the remainder of the existing community with the clan “The Elite” (tag [TE]) between 2011 and 2012. A few of the legacy uSo members decided to withdraw from the merger and go it alone as a team, going on to compete at DGC. After their stable was no longer part of the DGL, they moved onto other games.

Having been revived and currently under ownership of Daniel “CrazY-IvaN” Herbst, the clan has decided to come back into the eSports world in 2017 to make some waves in the Digital Gaming Leagues Counter-Strike Global Offensive Division. Their new team is known as the “Bearded Bros” and their current roster is:

  • CrazY-IvaN (Daniel Herbst) – Captain
  • Kaalvluis (Josua Herbst)
  • Posduif (Chris Pienaar)
  • Vegeta ZA (Theolin Naidoo)
  • Zoltan (Niel Strydom)
  • DeadPixel (Evan Tideswell)

When it comes to this roster, their experience in the FPS genre is nothing to ignore, having competed at the Do Gaming League championships of 2012 & 2013 for Call of Duty 4.

One of their star players and co-founder, Kaalvluis(Previously Kleintjie), renowned internationally for his Cod4 configs, has spent time in training with international professional eSports players from Germany and major eSports team Fnatic. The experience and knowledge he brings in competitive FPS play contributes greatly to his teams dynamic.

We did some QA with CrazY-Ivan, here is what he had to say:

What are your goals for this year?

“Our goal is to be able to qualify for DGC and hopefully be in the first division by year’s end. We are taking the time now to get familiar with the mechanics of the game as well as strats and will continue playing ladder matches until the next leg starts”

Why the move from Call of Duty ?

 “Everyone had the game and not everyone had the newest CoD as it’s so expensive so decided to come together and do the cs thing.”

What has been the biggest challenge on the new game so far?

 “The biggest challenge on Counter-Strike so far is getting to know the mechanics and strats. Cod4 was a” differently “paced game and the layout of the maps are much differently designed as to that of Counter-Strike. Our old tactics and strats which we used back then aren’t to compatible with Counter-Strike. Our level of skill is there I fully believe it. It is just to really work on getting the flow correct in the new game.”

Does uSo have a motto? If so, what is it?

“Our motto as uSo has always been to enjoy the game and to have fun. We were a humongous community clan at a stage and tried to help teams and build them up as well as give a lot of support to the guys. We believe in family and as much as we try to have fun we strive to be the best we can be in what we do.”

Wanting to focus more on the game, uSo is currently affiliated with Vector eSports, who are assisting them with their management, sponsorship and servers. We are excited for the opportunities this relationship will open for their players.