We talk to Enhance Team Captain Switch19

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Vector eSports recently affiliated with newly formed League of Legends team Enhance. They have already started making waves by winning their first Digital Gaming League weekly Battle of the Clans cup and are set to make even more waves throughout the period.

I sat down with their captain and manager Marnewicke Loubser (Switch19) to ask him a few questions:

How long have you been competing in eSports and when did you start playing League of Legends?

I started playing League in late 2009, After a while I decided to start a website called LOLinSA to get more South African Teams together and we started hosting tournaments and the community grew from there.

How did it feel to win your first cup with this new team?

I am very excited about the prospects for the new team. I have known all the players for a long time and I know that if we can get them to work together and put in the time they can really become something special. After less than 2 weeks together and we are already accomplishing good results, this fills me with a lot of pride and I know the team will continue to grow.

Is there any special meaning behind the name Enhance?

 Basically the Objective of the team is to improve and thus Enhance was chosen to resemble the idea behind it.

Having come out of DGC being knocked out in the loser brackets whilst playing for Ballistics, did your experience at DGC with Ballistics influence the formation of this team and how you approached the competition?

Yes the results of the DGC 2016 were not great for us. I love the Ballistics guys, they are great friends. After a lot of thinking and discussions the decision was made to form Enhance. The players I approached are guys that I know can perform at a very high level and that is my objective.

When forming this team, instead of joining or starting a clan, you chose to affiliate with Vector eSports as an independent team, tell us, what about Vector eSports influenced your decision to make this move?

It was a really easy decision. I have been with Vector for a few months now and I like what I am seeing. Vector has the potential to become one of the biggest gaming organizations in South Africa. The interaction I have had with the Board Members and other teams have all been very productive.

There are rumours that you are interested in being more involved with community growth projects and aim to start a regular tournament where players from different teams are exchanged so they can be introduced to other gamers, see how other teams work, learn to communicate outside their comfort zones and more. Tell us more about your objectives in this regard?

 Yeah this is something that I think can really help the Vector Teams. We have some very talented players in Vector and need to share the Knowledge. Spending some time with players of a higher caliber and having the opportunities to ask questions will improve the standard and that’s the objective of the program. I want all Vector teams to be at least top 8 next DGC. As soon as all the captains agree the program will start, and we will communicate to all interested parties.

What message do you have for aspiring gamers who are just starting to get involved in eSports?

If you have the time to think about doing something it means its worth doing. Some of the best ideas we have are never shared or brought to light, Share your crazy ideas tell us what you think will be fun, it might be something great. It is very important that we grow and work together .I am always around for anyone who has an idea or a plan that they think can help the teams or the clan.


Enhance play in round 2 of the 4th Battle of the clans cup this evening, check out this link for more information:
Digital Gaming League: LoL Battle of the Clans Cup 4