Website Update to 1.6

  • Sign up and create your teams.
  • Open discussions.
  • Promote yourself and your sponsors.
  • Work with experienced gamers.
  • Host your own Tournaments.
  • Help grow the eSports community in South Africa.
  • Check out our twitter @VectoreSportsZA
  • Steam sign in Available!

Hello community!

We have received and uploaded the latest version of our theme from Skywarriors and are pleased to introduce some new features to you.

Not happy with the brackets automatically created? Now you can just restart the tournament!

Want a weekly or monthly ladder? That is now available – Take note of the following rules:

  • Weekly reset is every Sunday
  • Monthly reset is every 10th.
  • Yearly Reset is every January.

The developers are working to improve this process but it is available for you to use.

Bug fixes:

Promoted a team member to admin and they cannot accept members? Worry no more as this is resolved in this version! Fixes also include an overhaul to the tournament point system and fixes to team pages losing pictures and cover images.

If you encounter any further issues, please let us know but be sure to check if its not already on the known bugs list under our FAQ!