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About us

Founded in 2013 by St3bas and Boinx, Zephyr originally played independently before joining the Deviation Academy in hopes of getting the support they needed to make it to the Premier Division in the then Do Gaming League. The team wanted to be recognized for their efforts and so current Vector eSports Board Member Xergxes7 approached them to join the then just founded Sector 17 PC Division. Under new management, the team made it through qualifiers and competed in the rAge 2013 Do Gaming Championships. They fought well even though being matched against top tier teams such as Veneration eSports. They showed much promise and were a prospected team to take on Mexico in that same year.

In 2014 the team made it through to the premier breakthrough playoffs in the Telkom Do Gaming League Winter Leg for Dota 2, but as life goes, situations changed and many of the team members found themselves unable to attend practices or make time to compete in Dota 2. The team went into hibernation for the duration of 2015.

In 2016 under new momentum and benefiting off the revitalization of their division due to efforts by Semaj, Zephyr made a comeback into the now Digital Gaming League, managing to place 3rd at the close of the ladder brackets. As the organisation around them grew to better cater for their needs and underwent a brand change, they were as of 04/07/2016 affiliated with Vector eSports.

Zephyr is continuing to grow and show much promise ahead with a wealth of experience and knowledge behind this team.

7 Members
  • FoundedJanuary 2013
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationSouth Africa


Roster History

1st Roster January 2013:

  • St3bas
  • Boinx
  • Baby
  • YoloMidSolo
  • R33gz

2nd Roster Summer Leg 2013:

  • St3bas
  • Boinx
  • Baby
  • Yolomidsolo
  • Pie

3rd Roster Summer Leg Transfer Window 2013:

  • St3bas
  • Boinx
  • Baby
  • Slinkee
  • Pie

4th Roster – 2013 Winter Leg and rAge 2013 DGC

  • St3bas
  • Semaj
  • Baby
  • Yolomidsolo
  • Pie

5th Roster – 2016 DGL Ladder – Highest Rank – 3rd

6th Roster – 2nd Division DGL

7th Roster – 2nd Division DGL – Current div: Ladder

  • 2013 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Summer Leg
  • 2013 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Winter Leg
  • 2013 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Championships
  • 2014 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Summer Leg Open Division groups (I – P)
  • 2014 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Summer Leg– Premier Playoff
  • 2014 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Winter Leg First Division
  • 2014 Do Gaming League Dota 2 Winter Leg– Premier Division Breakthrough Playoff’s
  • 2016 Telkom Digital Gaming League Pre-Season Cup
  • 2016 Telkom Digital Gaming League Ladder
  • 2016 Telkom Digital Gaming League 2nd Division
  • 2016 nAvTV Gigabyte Dota 2 Challenge
  • 2016 Spartan eSports Dota 2 Invititational
  • 2016 Telkom Digital Gaming League Battle of the Clans  Cup 1

 Clan Discussion

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