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=uSo= Revitalised?

author image by FingersMcGee123 | Featured | 0 Comments | 26/06/2017

Unified Soldiers Order Re-branding Clan uSo has recently undergone a brand renewal and revival that has seen their logos change and them entering the competitive field with some new energy. What is their current roster? uSo currently have 4 teams…

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Who are =uSo= Bearded Bros?

author image by Xergxes7 | Featured | 0 Comments | 22/02/2017
Who are =uSo= Bearded Bros? Established in 2007, the clan Unified Soldiers Order has been around for going on 10 years now. At their peak they had 8 active eSports teams and over 100 registered players, with 2 of the... Read more