Retro 2016, onto 2017

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2016 has been an interesting and trying year for some, let us reflect on the good, and cover our objectives for 2017.

Vector eSports was founded on the 4th of July this year. At that point in time we had only 40 registered users who were retained as part of the rebranding. Since then we have more than doubled to over 110 registered members. A great achievement for all those involved in community growth and getting our mission objectives across. Our biggest challenge in the recruitment drive was to break down the stigma of a clan and to iterate that you can be a registered member with us, and still function in your relevant clans without conflict of interest. We are a platform for both clans and players to grow themselves and get assistance in creating a career for themselves.

Our recruitment has seen the most growth in the League of Legends division with Pink Ninjas and Ballistics managing to secure themselves spots in the Telkom Digital Gaming League Championships hosted at rAge 2016. Team Enhance was soon formed after and went on to win a Battle of the Clans Cup. As the December period mulls over and many of the members are taking a break to focus on family and regrouping themselves, we hope to see the teams came back and make a huge impact in 2017 in eSports.

SupaJ from team Pink Ninja’s has been promoted to a Senior Co-Ordinator role within Vector eSports thanks to his ongoing commitment, drive and dedication to eSports.

Dota 2 Team Zephyr managed to make enough waves in the industry to be featured in a few news articles. Great work by team manager Ryan “Frank White” Hughes.

Our 7 Days to Die server managed to reach global top 100 rank for vanilla servers for a week during late August, a great achievement for those involved in the 7 Days to Die community.

In October we launched our UK based Discord server for our international members who suffer from high latency on TeamSpeak to utilize.

In October we began a purge of all administrator and moderator rights across our servers and now require anyone wishing for permissions to go through an interview process. This was to resolve some issues of power abuse and to ensure the administration leadership of Vector eSports has the utmost integrity. Some users were upset to lose their permissions but the overall impact has been a positive one with no complaints of abuse occurring since the change.

Onwards to 2017! What does it have in store?

The executive committee is hard at work building the correct framework and model to ensure we can contribute to growth and development of eSports in South Africa by giving as much back to the players as possible. A key objective is to enable players to become coaches and earn off their knowledge. This begins with directing users to the relevant portals to register as coaches and become self-funded, you can do this now by navigating to the Education eSports page and checking out the relevant portals. Further to this we will be looking at providing exceptional players or teams with bursaries for training so they may be enriched to become the best players they possibly can.

Coaching and knowledge growth is one thing, sustainability is another. We have a few projects in place to be refined in the new year that will allow teams and clans to start selling their brand and become self-sustaining.

We will be looking at opening relations and to help break down stigmas around the governance bodies that are responsible for overseeing our international representation. eSports is a recognised sport through these platforms and greatly contributes to this being a viable career hence the need to turn things around and get the ball rolling.

From an infrastructure perspective we may be looking at rolling out more servers and to fully automate the match logging system. We approached DGL regarding their API and are now looking at an alternate way to automate these jobs. We will also be expanding the current feature set of our web platform to give the players more tools to expand their minds and their skillset.

Keep tuned for 2017 as there is a lot happening to enhance your experience!

If you wish to become more involved do not hesitate to email the executive committee at

Have a Happy New Year!