rAge aftermath

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What a fun weekend it was at this years rAge expo, fun times were had and pizza’s were eaten

rAge Expo:

Team Zephyr attended the NAG LAN along with a few other community members and enjoyed the weekend of gaming and waves of clapping. The expo felt larger this year with more ground space being allocated for booths.


The Xbox booth was much larger and looked great this year with a tonne of prizes being given away throughout the weekend.

We got to speak with representatives from the TFG Tech magazine that has begun adding more gaming and eSports related articles to their content. It is exciting to see another paperback news and information source available for us old fashioned generations that grew up collecting PC Formats and NAG magazines. By supplying a physical magazine, they are allowing the not so tech savvy audience the ability to be exposed to wealth of information on our industry and this can only result in growth.

Two very interesting booths were addressing a new kind of Internet Café, a VR Café. Instead of going to pay to use a computer for internet access or, like back in my day, play some CS 1.6, a person would go here to pay an amount to be immersed in VR for a predefined amount of time. These Cafés have rooms that are kitted with motion sensors and are large enough to allow the person freedom of movement whilst immersed in their VR dream. A very cool concept for those of us who cannot afford to buy VR gear. However with some sessions costing as much as R550 for 90 Minutes, some us may just prefer to save up and play for as long as we wish whenever we wish.

We also got to see the return for a 3rd year of a really exciting South African developed game called Battle Arena Drones. In short its a multiplayer Descent with a competitive edge and when its eventually released, we will love to see a new edge in eSports.

Telkom Digital Gaming Championships:


From an eSports perspective the dome was abuzz, there were two grand stands with stages and jumbo tron screens broadcasting live tournaments. Hearing the crowds cheer with passion brought goosebumps to my soul. The MAG CUP ZA and 2 other cups took place right next to the NAG Lan area. On the opposite end of the dome, the DGL Masters were in full swing, hosted by RedEye and looking world class with the booth setup.

White Rabbit Gaming took top prize in Dota 2 and Bravado gaming took the trophy for CS:GO. Be sure to read up on the matches.

Ballistics had a tough year retaining their position in first division however entered the DGC brimming with confidence. They had a challenging first match against A10 Old Timers, they fought hard but couldn’t hold out against the onslaught. In their loser bracket match things were going well, by 22 minutes the team was up to 8k net worth in the lead and starting to gain a lot of momentum. Then it happened. The internet went down and the match stopped, for over an hour. With the team picks that had occurred, Ballistics was hoping to capitalize on FbdN Temptations mistakes to prevent the win coming down to the pure mathematical strengths of the team combinations picked. In the first match Forbidden focused on getting dragon’s buff twice, their first attempt succeeded and subsequent attempt resulted in two heroes being picked off in the aftermath. This offered a great momentum boost to Ballistics and they were set for the road to glory as their bot lane was allowed to gather the necessary income needed. It took over an hour for Telkom to rectify the down time and this allowed Temptation more than enough time to adjust their gameplay and take advantage of mistakes they failed to capitalize on in the first match, such as focusing on bot lane and leaving the Dragon buff alone. Ballistics were knocked out in their second round loser bracket match but have high hopes of returning next year and handing it to the man.

teamPink Ninja’s have been on the rise through the DGL ranks and were fortunate enough to attend this years DGC thanks to their sponsorship from Health Care Training Institute. They were handed the short end of the stick with their first match being against Veneration eSports LoL. VnR showed their veterancy on the field and place Pink Ninja’s into the loser bracket for round 2. Pink Ninja’s hopes were not dashed though as they took the match against VnR as a lesson on where they want to be in the future. In the 2nd round loser brackets, Pink Ninja’s were put up against [BISH] Alpha with Alpha taking the win and ending Pink Ninja’s hopes early in the tournament. Pink Ninja’s took the opportunity to stay at the VIP LAN so they can observe and learn as much as possible in preparation for their journey ahead.

It is with sadness that in the aftermath, Pink Ninja’s has to say goodbye to 2 of its players whilst they continue with their studies. They will be sorely missed however this is not it for Pink Pinja’s as Pink Ninja’s aim to recruit 2 new players in time for the beginning of the 2nd Division season.

Full results on the Championships can be found here:


Vector eSports would like to extend a special thanks to all those who pulled together and put in the effort to get to DGC this year.img-20161003-wa0003

We would especially like to thank HealthCare Training Institute for their  sponsorship of Pink Ninja’s in getting them kitted out with shirts and assisting in transportation costs.


Who could forget that awesome lunch we had on Saturday though? A special thanks goes out to the team at Pizza Perfect for helping us arrange lunch! The pizza’s were delicious.