New Vector eSports Features

  • Sign up and create your teams.
  • Open discussions.
  • Promote yourself and your sponsors.
  • Work with experienced gamers.
  • Host your own Tournaments.
  • Help grow the eSports community in South Africa.
  • Check out our twitter @VectoreSportsZA
  • Steam sign in Available!

Welcome to the new website!

We really hope you can take advantage of the new features we are rolling out today, below are some of them:

Improved social logins!

Our new robust social login system has made it easier to connect with your favourite social media account. As a start, we have enabled twitter and steam logins! – Unfortunately users who registered with Steam on the previous site must please re-register.

New Servers and Servers on Request!

We have rolled out a new 7 Days to Die server, bringing our capable player count to 20 and allowing for less full server issues. In addition we now have a public WarMod CSGO Server named “CS:GO Bravo” – We encourage the community to use this for scrims and practices. A new private TeamSpeak 3 server has also been rolled out for all affiliated competitive and registered compliant teams.  For room allocation and password, kindly contact @xergxes7 on Steam.

As part of this, we introduce Vector eSport Networks. Our new dedicated host allows us to release servers as they are needed to better accommodate the community and facilitate your needs. With our new division we are now rolling out planned features and integration back-ends that allow for streamlined interactions between VOIP apps such as Discord, your relevant competitive platform, and your community profile on our site. We cant wait to share with you the features our in-house developer has been hard at work making.

If you are a team or clan owner, in desperate need of resources, and are compliant with our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact @xergxes7 or your immediate reporting line to request a server.

Introducing Tournaments!

Teams and clans can now host their own tournaments, set their own rules, and allocate their own prizes, using their own structure! From knock-out, ladder, to round robin, we have catered for all your needs. Simply go to the tournaments page and click create new tournament or choose the option from your personal menu as seen below:

Tournaments can be viewed in the menu by using the widget or navigating to the Tournaments page

Streamlined Navigation

We have reworked our menu system to ensure better compatibility with mobile devices as well as some nice features for those on desktops, find your teams from within your personal menu:


Overall the developers over at Skywarriors have really improved the ease and use of this eSports interface and we hope you can take full advantage of it. You can still monitor all your site activity from within your profile as before, allowing you ease of access within and around the community.

Please remember to report any bugs to our admin team on Discord @

Or contact them here @TagnumElite @xergxes7

Happy Gaming!