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Founded in April of 2016, Pink Ninjas  is a Competitive eSports team working their way up the South African eSports scene. We work hard as a team to achieve our goals on and off the gaming scene.  Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy the game to the best of our abilities give us a follow on our facebook page

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We as Vector eSports strive to provide an environment where eSports clans, teams and players can learn and grow to their full potential, as well as grow the community in South Africa. Our services to assist those in meeting their full potential include Consulting, Coaching, Support, Management and Sponsorship Arrangement for clans, teams and individual players. In order to grow the community in South Africa, we are committed to being involved in community awareness and outreach programs to allow our society to become aware and be given the chance to get involved in the educational benefits of gaming and the communities it includes. In line with growing our South African community and the quality of eSports, Vector eSports aims to initiate and execute international initiatives that see the quality of eSports in South Africa being raised so we may compete proficiently at an international level.

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