Playerunknow's Battlegrounds Open Division Tourney

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    Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds Open Division Tourney

    Pubg Has a few limited custom servers that are up, they are run by a select few and are not always available to the public.
    A website ( has made tourneys abailable to the common player and thus Vector decided to back a South African Team signing up.

    We have the facilities to back multiple teams heading into the Pubg competitive scene.
    Please find the FAQ ( and see what we can provide for you as a PUBG Player or a PUBG team looking for backing and Sponsorship.
    If you are intrested, feel more than free to join us on Teamspeak, Discord, pop us a Email @ for more information.

    Also watch this space as we are working towards hosting tournaments in the near future.



    Sounds great Ruben! Cant wait to see the results 😀

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