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    So as a part of the Community i thought this is a very appropriate question in the current era of gaming/unfair gaming

    What are we doing about the high level of hackers on CS.GO and if we could would we be hacking.

    I think hackers give a bad name for the esports community and we should start fighting against it.

    Vector eSports Does not tolerate any form of cheating in any of the DGC/DGL/EGL listed games

    Please feel free to comment



    The problem i feel could lie within the ethical “enlightenment” of the user base. Hacking is considered so casual a thing to do these days, that they feel it is part of a game to cheat. If we get a psych analyst on it I am sure you would find that this all got so desensitized because of the old games and their cheat codes. People think they are just winning faster by hacking and don’t perceive the unethical substance of it.

    Whilst i agree there are a lot of suspicious players. There are many time’s a person is just being outplayed, and calling the opponent a hacker, makes them feel better.



    There are three problems I have with regards to hacks and hacking.

    1. Some hackers are so obvious about it that there is no denying it yet when you report them nothing happens.
    It’s no wonder CS:GO is on special almost every month. Dota somehow manages to have a massive following yet the game is free to play.
    With regards to CS:GO it’s not, so when a guy does finally get banned he just pops onto Steam sale of the week and picks up a new copy.
    No point allowing for hacks in Dota because there is no money in it for good old Gabe. Might be me being paranoid but then again..?

    2. Then you got the sneaky guys. They have gotten so used to playing with the new up to date cannot catch me VAC hacks that when you play
    against them unless you have many hours in the game you will not notice at all. These guys have literally gone and practiced for hours
    to hide the fact that they can see through walls or flick head shot with the hope that you don’t notice their gun aiming a few degrees in
    the wrong direction. As to why they would spend all that time practicing to hide it as apposed to actually learning to play is beyond me.

    3. The “I don’t care as long as they on my team guys”. These guys are my personal best…Said with the utmost sarcasm. I’ve literally been in
    a game where I tell the guy that he is hacking and my team mates have responded by saying “Well he is with us so relax”. I feel that if you
    know someone in a competitive environment that uses hacks/strings etc. You should honestly report the person and kick them from the game.
    What’s that saying..? Guilty by association. I have personally never hacked in any game I have ever played. I don’t take advantage of glitches
    either. I think that nowadays a lot of people are in that mindset of anything for a win. I for one think it’s just bad play and think people
    should up their game naturally. Put the time in. Sorry there is no one pill that makes you a gaming god at all games. Time and patience.

    As far as I’m concerned with CS:GO especially, is that I feel like I’m watching Valve’s rendition of “Catch me if you can” but instead of Leo and Tom being the main characters it’s good old Gabe in disguise as both of them taking the piss out of all of us non hackers. And even when they finally catch up with each other they work together anyways. Conspiracy much \:D/ #lizardpeople#flatearth#hackfeesmustrise!

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