CS:GO Server Booking Rules

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    These are meant to be basic, so here they are:

    1. Server bookings are for the full day. The time is so spectators may check when the match is to start.
      1. Teams are encourage to use the full time to get in some warm up before any competitions
    2. You may not book a server for practice more than a week before the time.
    3. If you have booked the server for practice, and a team needs it for competing in an official league or competition, your booking will be cancelled without prior notice.
    4. When scheduling a friendly match, it must be marked with the booking reason “Practice”
      1. Users found to be ignoring this rule may be banned from using the server
    5. RCON will not be allowed, Warmod is configured with a practice, knife and competing mode. These should be sufficient.
    6. Only team captains will be given captaincy rights to Warmod
    7. Do not assume your booking just worked, sync the app and check that your date is listed under the “Bookings” tab.
    8. If you made a mistake in your booking, you must contact the admin on WhatsApp to remove the booking via +27833210190
    9. If the server is double booked, check the time stamp of when the booking was created, the first person to book gets the server.
    10. Repeatedly booking and then not using the server will result in the team being barred from using the server.
    11. If you are having problems with the server, contact the admin on WhatsApp via +27833210190
      1. Problems include: People on server, downtime, lag
      2. Problems do not include: Custom configurations to server settings.


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