Community Meeting – 02/08/2017

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    Last week a community meeting was held by Vexxed Phoenix on their TS server. The topic of discussion was the declining competitive player base in SA, with some sponsor’s beginning to pull out.

    I have uploaded the full recording to the “Ranked/Comp Channel-DND” channel under the =League of Legends= section on teamspeak. It is 188MB for those that want to listen.

    Basically the outcome is that we need to work as a community to drive growth. We need to promote each other and ensure we drive growth ourselves. Retweet, share and talk about League with your friends. Join the SA discord server for recruiting and other opportunities:

    This is in our power and up to us to keep the SA community alive.

    Also, dont limit yourselves to a single league. Play them all, get as much exposure out there.

    We noticed a decline in teams on VSGaming from 70+ this time last year, to around only 50 this year. This is in our power to change and promote growth. Remember from a Clan perspective(Those that are running clans, in clans etc LISTEN UP): We are only “enemies” on the battlefield. There is no need for us to not work together outside of the silos of our clans. Inter-clan scrims are meant to drive growth and experience, not for bragging rights. Keep this in mind the next time you decline a scrim out of fear of being embarrassed. There is no need to be embarressed about a loss, as this only means a new lesson.

    For more details, check out the recording mentioned earlier on this topic.

    Game on!

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