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Community FAQ:

How do I join?

Depending on how involved you wish to become in the community or which services you require, joining can be as simple as registering on our website. Teams and Clans that wish to join to take advantage of our Support, Coaching, Management and assistance with Sponsor prospects, need to follow the following steps:

  1. Have a profile or team that is compliant with the terms and conditions accepted when registering on this website.
  2. Create the team/clan by clicking “Create Team” button found in your personal menu.
  3. After your clan/team is created and published, ensure every member has requested to join and then been accepted to your team/clan on the website
  4. Ensure all details on the team/clan have been filled in and are accurate, including any previous tournament or league history.
  6. If you are new to competitive, ensure your team/clan is created on one of SA’s main leagues
  7. Contact a division coordinator via email or the VS Gaming website and say your team wishes to become affiliated with Vector eSports and benefit from our services, current Community Managers listed below:
    1. iFluffy-iElite(Multi-Games) – Ruben
    2. Poecilitoria-Spinnekop(Counter-Strike) – Etienne
    3. Xergxes7(Multi-Games) – Robin
    4. SupaJ(League of Legends) – Jamie
  8. If you fail to get a response via the VS Gaming Website, please feel free to create a thread on our forums or find us on TeamSpeak or Discord(Look for people with the [Exco] Tag)

Once contact has been made and the community manager has made the relevant arrangement and had discussions with you/your organisation and what you wish to achieve merely ensure you follow the terms and conditions and use the provided resources to their full potential.

If you play games not listed on our website, get hold of us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

I have joined, now what?

Be involved, dedicate yourself and start competing. Be sure to contact your community manager and/or senior coordinator at least once a week to keep them updated on any competitions your team or clan may be competing in and if you need any coaching or assistance from a management perspective. We specifically prefer getting emailed updates however are available on WhatsApp(Just contact us for the numbers). If you are unsure of what active competitions or leagues are taking place, you may talk to any community manager so they may identify any open tournaments you can compete in or navigate to our Tournaments page.

If your team manages to get promoted or has achieved something your team deserves credit for, let the community know via the many media interfaces available so one of our in-house writers can do a write up on your team as well as promote your team on social media.

Please note that only team’s and/or clan’s with a consistent and abundance of competitive history will be considered for any possible  dedicated assistance from the organization. “One trick wonders” are not our business, if you are serious about eSports, it will show on your team and/or clan’s record and reflect how much you have utilized this communities resources. If your team and/or clan has history outside of the community, ensure this is present on your team’s profile. You may add extra bio sections to your team’s clan page on the Vector eSports website to capture any extended achievements.

If any direct consulting is required, please ensure you have contacted us to arrange and schedule workshops and meetings.

For further guidelines, refer to the terms and conditions.

I am registered and competing, what other things should I be aware of?

Be sure you have read and understand  the terms and conditions which you accepted when registering on this website:


I own a team/clan, what can this offer me?

We offer a wide range of consultation services and assistance.

For those who do not wish to fund a website and servers, if for instance it is not financially viable yet, we provide the platform so that your team/clan can begin to establish itself. (Domain costs not including)

For existing established clans, we offer compliance/governance consulting, training regimes and workshops, and other services. Please get in contact with a member of our board to see how we can help you.

For any online resources, be sure to contact us at 

I want permissions on TeamSpeak/Another Server, how?

If you are here, that’s the first step. You took the initiative to find the website and that is great.

All team owners are given sweeping permissions within their team channels. Higher level permissions require a screening process and voluntary committments from the applicant.

Send us an email detailing the privilege levels you are seeking and we will arrange an interview time.

Please be prepared for the interview.


I need to contact someone, where are the details?

General Enquiries:

Voluntary positions and community involvement:

Management Requests:

Legal Queries:

Robin Pretorius – Director & IT:

Etienne Kuhn – Director & Legal and Compliance:

Jhoshua Ross – Director & Casual Community Division Manager:

Ruben Booyse – Director & Competitive Community  Manager:

Emergency Contact: +27833210190

My Team is listed on this site but I never created it?

When we capture matches on the website and the team doesnt exist, it gets automatically created by the system. We can easily handover ownership to you.

Contact our IT Director below to request the team ownership transferred:

Robin Pretorius – Director & IT:


Emergency Contact: +27833210190

Please ensure you have sufficient evidence to prove you are the owner.

Technical FAQ:

How do I create a clan/team?

For a full tutorial on how to create a clan, watch his video:

My teams Cover image/profile picture is not saving?

  1. The image is too large (A gray ‘img’ word is being displayed instead of the picture):
    1. At the bottom right above “Insert into Post” please resize the image to “Thumbnail”
  2. Nothing is Happening when i click update after changing the image:
    1. You can only make permanent changes to your clan/team pages Profile Image and Cover Image outside of the visual composer. So close the composer by clicking the X on the top right and change the profile/cover image whilst Viewing the profile.

We are working with our developers to remove the option to update the profile image inside visual composer.

We are aware of the loss of images after publishing. This has been notified to the developers and we await the next patch.

I am unable to connect to TeamSpeak

Now this is an easy one, 90% of the time users are encountering this issue they actually can connect but are not proceeding past the security prompt, this looks like below:


Just click start and your security level will increase.

If you did not get the prompt to increase security level, check if the server is up. Gameservers usually has maintenance occur between 11PM and 3AM South African time. Navigate to the Server Status page on the website. If you can see the channels listed in the centre of the box, the server is up(Yes even if the dot is red and not green, if you can see the channels the server is up) – If you cannot see the server channels, you may call Technical Support on 0833210190 between 7PM and 12AM weekdays, between 10AM and 12AM weekends. Please introduce yourself to the person who answers and be clear in that the TeamSpeak server is down. If you can see channels, continue with below:

Try ping the domain by opening command prompt: “Windows Key+R -> Type cmd -> hit enter” then entering “ping”

If the ping times out enter the following command in command prompt “ipconfig /flushdns” then try again. If no success this indicates a problem with your connection to the server. Please contact your ISP and arrange resolution.

I have registered but have not received an activation email?

Please send an email to from the email address you registered with and provide the username you registered with. Please set the subject line of mail to “NO ACTIVATION MAIL RECEIVED”

I have created a clan but don’t know how to make it final or save changes?

Click on the blue “publish” or “update” button on the top right of your screen next to the “X”

For a full tutorial on how to create a clan, watch his video:

I am having problems on TeamSpeak with other users

Firstly, please ensure you have read the TeamSpeak rules in the description of the rules channel.

Secondly, has this person breached any of those rules? If yes, contact a server admin as soon as possible. If no server admins are online, please right click on the users name, click “Make a complaint” and we will investigate further after that. We also advise waiting in the TeamSpeak support channel during the active hours(Between 7PM and 11PM) until an admin attends to your neeeds.



Think you can get away with lying. Everything is logged.

Pester admins for nothing, if you waste their time, they are in a position to ban you permanently from the server.

Pester the board members with matters like this. Use the mentioned channels only.

Known Bugs List

Our websites theme is provided by a group of developers known as Skywarriors, we work closely with them to report bugs and we implement patches as soon as they are provided. Below is a list of known bugs on the current version:

  • Tournament Dates not updating after being changed. [Developers Aware]
  • Ladder score for teams with 100% loss equates to -1 in Certain Cases [Developers Aware]
  • Notifications not being sent to users when members apply to teams or tournaments [Developers Aware]
  • My screen has a whole lot of scrambled information, things are out of alignment, the page does not look correct.
    • Please open the browsers debugger tool with F12, navigate to “Network” and disable cache. After doing so, please refresh the page and all should come right.
    • This is usually the result of an update to our website where your local storage still contains old code.

Issues that are not bugs:

  • A tournament cannot start with less than 3 teams/users as it cannot create brackets.
  • Embedded content(HTML) is lost when editing a team/clan. This is for security purposes to prevent users from embedding malicious code.

Other issues not listed here

Join our TeamSpeak after 7:00PM on weekdays and wait in the Technical Support channel for the IT support to notice you and attend to your issue. Be patient, you won’t be noticed in the first 5 minutes. You may also poke anyone with the [IT Support] tag on the left of their name. If still no help after a few hours, post in the forums and we will respond accordingly. If you cannot see people on TeamSpeak, read the TeamSpeak channel descriptions where told.

Click here to create a forum topic go this link and scroll to the bottom, fill in a title and then your message/request, or anything you wish to share: Community Forum