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  • The Top 10 Ultimates 25/07/2018
    Across a number of competitive games, ultimate abilities are part of what makes a character both powerful and unique.So for our list of The Top 10 ultimates we looked at how strong the ultimate is, how impactful it is in its original game, and how iconic it is in the game’s history.So without further ado, […]
  • The Top 10 Casters in Esports 20/06/2018
    In esports, a great play can stand on its own. But it doesn’t become iconic, it doesn’t become truly ingrained in the hearts and souls of fans without incredible commentary to go with it. We gave you the top 10 caster calls in Dota, League of Legends, CS:GO and fighting games. And now, it’s time […]
  • The biggest dynasties in esports, and why we need them 10/06/2018
    In a environment as fickle as esports, where organizations can come and go at a whim, brand loyalty is hard to come by unless you’re a team that can consistently stay atop the standings. Though parity in esports might be the ultimate goal, for now, we should welcome each dynasty with open arms because it's […]

RSS League of Legends:

  • Hanzo VS Ashe: Animated Clash of Characters 13/08/2018
    Hanzo vs. Ashe: the ultimate archer showdown. Our second episode of Animated Clash of Characters features two of esports' most recognizable characters.After duking it out last time to prove whether Yasuo or Genji would win in a fight, Sean Wetselaar (the office's most beloved League of Legends expert) and Colin McNeil (who lost brutally last […]
  • theScore esports Daily (August 10): VG.Flash part ways with Vici Gaming and G2 Esports acquire PENTA's Rainbow Six Siege roster 10/08/2018
    theScore esports Daily is a once-a-day briefing covering the top news stories from around the world of esports.Sheriff out of the lineup for H2K on FridayPatrik "Sheriff" Jírů was out of the lineup for H2K's European League Championship Series game against Misfits on Friday. Sheriff was absent do to "a personal loss in his life." […]
  • Genji VS Yasuo: Animated Clash of Characters 31/07/2018
    Genji vs Yasuo. Ninja vs Samurai. Cyborg vs Wind Warrior. Two esports champions battle to death in the inaugural episode of Animated Clash of Characters.With Yasuo getting his fair share of play in the LCS lately, theScore esports resident League of Legends expert (read:snob), Sean Wetselaar, has been raving about how great the Unforgiven is. […]
    Colin McNeil, Christian Pearson, Simmy Fong, Sean Wetselaar

RSS Counter-Strike Global Offensive:

  • How one wild night in Montreal imploded IMT's CS:GO team 09/08/2018
    If you know Montreal, you’ve probably heard a few things. It’s known for its historic, European architecture and cobblestone streets. But it’s also known for its… nightlife. And many esports fans probably associate Montreal with one thing: controversy. Let's talk about Immortals at DreamHack Montreal 2017. For more great videos, be sure to subscribe to […]
    Dennis Gonzales, Daniel Rosen
  • Funny, Savage and Serious Pro Voice Comms: Best of CS:GO Team Chat 03/08/2018
    CS:GO is a game played in split second bursts.Rounds are often determined by a single bullet or a last second defuse. So when you’re in that situation and you and your teammates come out ahead, sometimes you can’t help but yell… "Nice!"This week on Best of, we’re listening in on the best of CS:GO pro […]
  • Godlike Trigger Discipline Plays: The Best of CS:GO Pros Holding Their Nerve 27/07/2018
    You know what they say, guys. Patience is a virtue. Now this is especially true when it comes to CS:GO. Picture this: You’re lurking in a corner when you start hearing some sound cues. The enemy is so eager to get to the site, they run right by and don’t even realize you’re there. Every […]

RSS Heroes of the Storm:

  • The Top 10 Ultimates 25/07/2018
    Across a number of competitive games, ultimate abilities are part of what makes a character both powerful and unique.So for our list of The Top 10 ultimates we looked at how strong the ultimate is, how impactful it is in its original game, and how iconic it is in the game’s history.So without further ado, […]
  • Memphis Grizzlies minority owner Jed Kaplan invests seven-figure amount in esports, picks up Heroes of the Storm team Old Gods 17/01/2018
    Memphis Grizzlies minority owner Jed Kaplan and his investment group have made a seven-figure investment into esports with the creation of Simplicity, the organization told theScore esports Wednesday. Kaplan, who is also a minority owner of Premier League soccer club Swansea City, will act as managing partner.In a statement to theScore esports, director of marketing […]

RSS Hearthstone:

  • The Witchwood card tracker 12/03/2018
    The Witchwood will be Hearthstone's first Year of the Raven expansion, and is set to introduce new keywords, deck-building challenges and another single-player challenge mode.The expansion will feature 135 new cards and two new keywords: Rush and Echo. Rush lets a card attack the turn it is played, but the card can't attack heroes that […]
    Daniel Rosen
  • The Top 10 Cringe Moments in Esports 10/11/2017
    As many have noted, the rapid growth of esports have been accompanied by a variety of "growing pains." Here are the most awkward of them.10. HoN Player IntrosBelieve it or not, there was a time when Heroes of Newerth was a legitimate rival to League of Legends... for all of three minutes in the late […]

RSS StarCraft 2:

  • Best of SAVAGE Out of Game Moments (all esports) 29/06/2018
    In the immortal words of ReDeYe, “Brutal. Savage. Rekt.” That’s what this week’s Best of is all about. This week we’re opening it up to all esports and focusing on just the out of game savagery. That’s out of game savagery, not trash talk. There is a difference. I mean you guys know what it’s […]
    Colin McNeil, Simmy Fong
  • The Story of The Telecom Wars 06/05/2018
    The rivalry between KT and SKT, two of South Korea’s largest telecom companies, is one of the oldest in esports. Dubbed “The Telecom War,” it has defined generations of players and shaped the history of entire games. In Korea, the crucible from which esports emerged, no teams have battled for longer than SK Telecom T1 […]

RSS Call of Duty:

  • The Story of Nadeshot 24/03/2018
    Esports competition is grueling and can wear down even the best pro players. But fans don’t just want to watch players compete, they want to care about them too.And nowhere was the balance between high-level competitor and internet personality better realized than in a young kid from Chicago.His name is Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and he […]
  • The Story of OpTic Gaming vs. FaZe Clan 16/01/2018
    OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan have one of the most passionate rivalries in esports. While it was stoked through competitive play, it was sparked on YouTube and kindled by the unrelenting loyalty of fans.To put the entire rivalry into perspective, it's necessary to go back to 2006, when professional Call of Duty esports was essentially […]
    Josh Bury, Sean Meiliunas