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ACGL Clan Guide

Part 1: Defining your Brand

So you’re thinking of creating a clan, but not sure how to go about it? We would like to help you on your way to creating South Africa’s next big Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO).

ACGL Clan Guide

Part 2: Building Foundations

…we will be focusing on building the foundations of your MGO where the three main aspects for this week will be 1 – Setting your goals & timeline, 2 – Developing a content plan and 3 – Recruiting players.

ACGL Clan Guide

Part 3: Attracting Sponsors

In this guide, we will be taking you through the basics of setting up a sponsorship deck and how to use it. A sponsorship deck is essentially a basic synopsis of what your organisation can offer a 3rd party.

Game Guide 1

2017 CS:GO Map Calls

Check out these map calls for the current competitive duty roster, improve your communication today!

Game Guide 2

CS:GO Map Smokes

This community guide is made to help you learn all the smokes on multiple maps,
have a look and improve your knowledge.

Game Guide 3

CS:GO Aim Training

This community guide is made to help you learn the process and methods to improving your aim and becoming a better shot.

Coaching Portals:

Our program gathers experienced coaches and pro players from all over the world of esports. With an extensive screening process, we’ve ensured that you’ll be getting not only an experienced competitive player or coach, but someone committed to seeing you realize your potential. Take a moment to browse through our coaches’ profiles and figure our who you’d like to work with.

Gamer Institute is an educational environment for gamers by gamers. We aim to connect the best players in the world with players that have the desire and drive to get better at their chosen game.

Our vision is to make competitive gaming accessible to everyone, not just the devoted few.

Gamer Institute was conceived and created by a team with decades of experience gaming, decades spent sitting in University learning environments and decades working in various corporate leadership roles.


Xsolla eSports Academy is a fully automated platform for eSports coaching, tutorials, and VOD subscriptions. As a student, you can browse through our wide selection of qualified coaches and schools, book sessions to improve your gameplay, and subscribe to your favorite coaches to stay updated of the new tips and tricks!

Gamer Sensei is the first mastery platform for competitive gamers who want to win more. Through its patent pending technology that connects players with the world’s largest collection of professional, certified sensei across all major eSports titles, the company provides personalized coaching and skills development to help all gamers reach their next level. Gamer Sensei currently offers personalized coaching and skills development for Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft II.