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GamerSensei Level-Up!

author image by FingersMcGee123 | eSports News Featured | 0 Comments | 03/11/2017

Gamer Sensei has received some awesome feature changes and upgrades and in case you are not registered with them, here is an extract from their communications on whats new: Introduction We have a lot of exciting changes to announce. The…

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=uSo= Revitalised?

author image by FingersMcGee123 | Featured | 0 Comments | 26/06/2017

Unified Soldiers Order Re-branding Clan uSo has recently undergone a brand renewal and revival that has seen their logos change and them entering the competitive field with some new energy. What is their current roster? uSo currently have 4 teams…

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Retro 2016, onto 2017

author image by FingersMcGee123 | Community Update | 1 Comment | 30/12/2016
2016 has been an interesting and trying year for some, let us reflect on the good, and cover our objectives for 2017. Vector eSports was founded on the 4th of July this year. At that point in time we had... Read more