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Vector eSports…

..take’s it’s affiliates through a 5-step program that ensures stability and structure by the end of the journey. This is so that the team or clan is in a position to become a long lasting, well known and self funded MGO.

The biggest challenge we encounter is finding motivated affiliates who are willing to go through the program in its entirety. The benefit to this challenge is that “flash in the pan” teams or clans that do not have the proper commitment and drive are identified early on. Therefore dedicated eSports players can be protected from falling into this trap by allowing us to address problems with their teams, through our affiliate structure.

Why is it a trap? Well, imagine this, you are an aspiring eSports professional who wants to focus on improving your skill and “making it big” in team based eSports. Naturally your environment needs to be stable. We feel it is unfair for you as a player to be put in a team where the team owner does not have your interests at heart. But is rather hunting for the next “free handout”. A phenomenon in South African eSports that has seen multiple MGO’s and Teams collapse in on themselves.  A player needs a team owner that is focused on building a stable environment and structure that ensures you as the player are protected and supported regardless of the commitment of other players in the team. Many talented and skilled players fall into this trap and end up losing interest and passion for eSports. They become despondent moving from MGO to MGO as their team owner cannot decide what they want. Having no clear vision of their future in that team or MGO.

Our 5 step program is a combination of years of experience in the industry and existing processes and guides available online and around the world. If you are not interested in our affiliate consulting, please feel free to follow the ACGL clan guides. Links are available on our Education page or throughout this article.

Below we will be doing a high level summary of this 5 step program.

Step 1: Creating and Defining your Brand

The first step is an important one as during the entire journey, you will be building your brands persona and creating a repertoire. During this phase we define and create what fans will see and support, as well as the kind of players you want in your team, clan or MGO. From defining an Ethos and Constitution, having professional graphics designers create the logo, to building up and integrating the clan, team or MGO’s online digital presence in Social Media.

For a streamlined approach to do this step, refer to the 1st ACGL Clan Guide: “Defining your brand

Step 2: Building a structure and setting goals

During this phase we assist in defining leadership structures for clans, and for teams, we assist in defining Team Owner, Team Manager and Team Captain roles. Once a structure is in place we assist in building a recruitment process and structure. After the team or clan has its defined leadership structures and player take-on processes, it becomes time to set goals. We prefer our affiliates to set 5 year goals in the structure of 1 goal for the first year, 2 goals for the second year and so forth until there are 15 goals in total. Setting goals at this stage allows the team owner and manager to make decisions that take into account where they need to be.

For a self study guide on building structures and setting goals, refer to the 2nd ACGL Clan Guide: “Building Foundations

Step 3: Skills Development and Coaching

During this step we introduce the Team Managers to training and coaching structures, coaching portals such as Gamer Sensei, allocate an IGL and facilitate IGL Training. It is at this point where teams are encouraged to start competing in as many available tournaments and leagues as possible. This is to grow their in-game competitive experience and start building data for a sponsorship deck.

Based on a teams existing structures and development, this process can be prolonged as initial structuring into and committing to a proper training regime is a period in which there will be a lot of player shedding and recruiting. During this phase we identify when players cannot commit to professional eSports as the player often cannot reach their defined minimum training required. They then cannot be relied on in a team aiming for professional levels in eSports. Team Managers go through a maturing phase here as they have to learn to start putting their foot down when commitment issues affect their ability to reach their goals.

Step 4: Brand Debut and Economics

By step 4 the team has some some good exposure to competitions and competing and its now the time to build a portfolio, work on attracting sponsors and develop a business plan that sees the team able to fund all their needs, and possibly even to give salaries to their players. During this phase the team is encouraged to go through a self promotion phase to drive an increased Social Media presence if one has not been built up during the last 3 steps. As a final stage to this phase we introduce the teams to varying channels they can follow in order to register themselves as an official legal entity so they can start running the business side of their MGO, team or clan. We provide technical consulting at this level on how to develop and deploy online stores if the team, clan or MGO wishes to sell merchandise as well as how to develop and deploy their own website.

For a self study guide on building your own team portfolio to take to sponsors, see the 3rd ACGL Clan guide: “Attracting Sponsors

Step 5: Reaching long term goals

It is now time to implement the business plan and define a final road map for reaching the balance of the long term goals set out in Step 2. During this phase we also do a retrospective look at the teams progress, how well did they implement each step, what further assistance is required, and if any short term immediate goals are needed to address any gaps.


…our 5 step journey is structured to ensure that by each next step, there is structure in place that the gamer’s can focus on gaming, and the managers can focus on steering their new brand towards the goal lines. We as Vector eSports refrain from making the 5 step plan a requirement and provide only consultative services in this regard so a brand owner is always in control of their own brand and its direction. We see our mission to grow eSports in South Africa as being fulfilled when a affiliate we consult heeds our advice as the result can only be beneficial to raising the skill and growth of professional eSports in South Africa.

If you would like to become an affiliate and receive our consultative services, register on our website and read our terms and conditions on how to become a compliant team, clan or MGO. Once compliant, contact our Exco to start your journey.